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ANNO 1888

Dear guests!

A glimpse from the family album. What a wonderful birthday I had this year. My beloved girls, Princess Märta, Princess Margaretha and Princess Astrid had also come home to celebrate their father.

I had just returned from a long stay at my highly valued regiment in Ystad when this picture was taken. As usual, during these days I had stayed at my favourite hotel, Hotel Prins Carl anno 1888. It is a real privilege to have a hotel named after me!


Prince Carl 

Eklaholm room
Eklaholm room

My hotel rooms

In total, I have 20 pleasant rooms and 2 apartments to choose from, some of the rooms are in the old hotel building from 1888, while other rooms are located in the later added wing. If there are several of you traveling together, perhaps one of my larger double rooms with space for an extra bed or an apartment may be relevant.

I, Prince Carl, have invited many of my old dear friends to stay in a room at my hotel. Read more about my friends and their rooms. You will find the lowest prices on our hotel website.

Prince Carl's three daughters, Princess Astrid, Princess Margaretha and Princess Märta. These wild princesses take care of the hotel's artistic and crazy décor at night. Without our approval!

Their fondness for messing around amongst our vegetables and old things in the house, makes us go absolutely crazy and we are speechless every morning. If you're lucky, you can catch a glimpse of the prince’s cool cat Jörgen, he stays at the bar or on top of the bar unless one of the princesses has smacked him with the old frying pan.

The prince loves tomatoes and has a twig tomato engraved in the old gold ring which is currently being refurbished by the goldsmith. The prince tomato is a symbol of love, joy, and desire. So, with this noble vegetable and its qualities spread throughout our hotel, we wish you a wonderful stay.

Tomato love

The prince's crazy family and friends

Maria kyrkan


Just outside the hotel you will find a rich selection of shops, cafés, and restaurants. You can also visit Mariakyrkan and the old monastery or why not visit Ystad's beautiful theater house. A short 10-minute walk takes you to the marina and the beach. The railway station and the ferry terminal to Bornholm and Poland are only a stone's throw away. You can be in Copenhagen in about 80 minutes. Ystad is the center of Scandinavian and European tourism.



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