This is how it started...

The family had been searching for many, many years for something meaningful and a common adventure to devote their lives to. Time flew by and the dream got further and further away. But suddenly one day it happened, the family literally stumbled into the old half-asleep Hotel Prince, it was an untidy, dusty, but cheerful gentleman they stood face to face with. The name Prince Carl could be read in the threadbare military collar. At his side stood the guard dog Alexander the Heavy, a four-legged beast with giant ears, constantly on the lookout but always ready to invite other four-legged friends to the water bowl.

About me,

Prince Carl

I am once again back to my dear hotel, partly to watch over the family and their guests but also to find out if the old legend about the hotel is indeed true.

The legend reads:

An ancient winter palace is said to have existed within these walls, in 1888 when the hotel was built, traces of beautiful silver and gold trinkets were found. Many years past and the story was soon forgotten.

However, when I and the family moved into the hotel in 2019, the old story came to life again. I have now decided that an investigation of the old part of the hotel is to be conducted. We are looking for any signs that can confirm if the story is true. I will also oversee the research and any current renovations.

My story

Vem är jag Prins Carl?

Gustav V's younger brother Prince Carl, Duke of Västergötland, came to influence the future of several royal houses around Europe. Carl was born on 27 February 1861 in the Hereditary Palace as the third son of the future King Oscar II and Queen Sofia. In Uppsala, the prince studied history, philosophy, economics, and political science and was "uncle" in the choir Orphei Drängar before he chose to pursue a career as a cavalryman. He finished his studies at the cavalary school as number two and quickly advanced through the ranks; general staff officer, colonel and second in command at K1, major general, general and inspector of the cavalry. The guard's light blue uniform quickly earned him the nickname "The Blue Prince", and he was depicted wearing the uniform in a painting by Anders Zorn.

The prince's friends 


There are silly friends everywhere who love to prance about and sneak up on you when you least expect it. Dear Guest, we ask of you to be kind to these family members. Mind you, during the day they are quiet, but at night day really come to life…

Regardless of all the craziness, the prince and the family have a wish.

Alexander the Great:

Outside the hotel you will see the prince's guard dog, Alexander the heavy, 240 years old, the biggest exhibitionist in Ystad and also an avid hat collector.

The terracotta warrior Henry from Rydsgård

In the hallway you will meet the prince's old bodyguard Henry, a former terracotta warrior and friend of the prince for hundreds of years. He is always loaded with a vegetable.


If your room is in the newer part of the building, you will notice Leopold, the old winter-loving lion who fled with the prince from Africa to frolic in the snow of Sweden, that sadly does not exist much in Ystad. Instead, he wallows in the ice machine and can roar so that the entire building shakes.



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