Check-in manual

I, Prince Carl and the family wish you a warm welcome to the Hotel Prins Carl. To make it easy and convenient for you as guests to check-in, here follows some information about the different check-in methods.

A warm welcome!


Prince Carl 

Check-in at the recetion

You can check-in at the reception during the summer and most weekends during the year. The reception is manned between 15.00 and 18.00. You will be greeted by one of us in the family.


Dear guest. This means that you will receive an SMS with instructions and a code to be able to check-in to the hotel on your own. This text message will be sent out on the day of your arrival.

The SMS at self-check-in looks like this

Greetings from Hotel Prins Carl in Ystad.

Today we have self-check-in at the hotel from 15:00.

You check-in with this code (here is today's code) by the main entrance door.

The key to your room is in the key box just inside the main entrance.
Key box code (here is the code for the key box, where you will find your room key)

The key also goes to the main entrance door.

Breakfast is served.
Mon-Fri 06:30-09:00
Sat-Sun 07:20-10:00
Ground floor by the reception

For questions call

Please confirm this SMS.

We wish you a warm welcome and a pleasant stay.

Kind regards, Prince Carl Hotel



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